The Men I Make…

I have three sons. Two were born three months early. I was quite young when I became pregnant with those guys, a mere 19, and they are absolute miracles. I had TTTS which is twin to twin transfusion syndrome. This is a rare, serious condition that can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share a placenta. Abnormal blood vessel connections form in the placenta and allow blood to flow unevenly between the babies. They had a tough birth, and a tough first year of life. I never swayed from knowing they would survive, even though the specialist I went to told me at nine weeks that they probably wouldn’t survive. The thought of losing them didn’t even cross my mind, until he said that, but I focused on them living and the now rather than the what’s to come. I knew they would be coming home with me eventually, I just had so much faith.

Tanner came home after 2 months of living in the NICU (he was almost 3 pounds when born). Seth however had to stay for almost 5 months in the NICU (he was only a pound when he was born). Seth had several operations in his early life, and Tanner had a few as well. The only sign now that they were preemies is that Seth has asthma. They are wonderful boys and I know that everyday I have them is a blessing and that many other women went through the same thing I did and their babies didn’t get to come home with them. I am so fortunate to have them.

I have a third son who was born full term and super healthy. He is now four. When he was around one and a half I noticed he wasn’t saying any words. He wasn’t even saying da da or ma ma much. I told her pediatrician she told me not to be concerned until his two year old check up. Then when we went for that, she changed her tune and said I should have said something sooner… He was matched with a speech therapist and he sees her twice a week. He’s been seeing her for two years and he is just now starting to make sentences. The thing is if you don’t know him well it’s extremely difficult to understand him, which made it super difficult for me to send him to preschool. I was so nervous no one would be his friend or the teacher wouldn’t be able to understand him when he needed something. My little men have had such a harder time then other mother’s sons that we know and this is why I’m a complete lunatic over my sons. I think all mothers have that relationship with their sons, but the kids who have to fight harder to live and get through life have mothers who will fight harder to make sure they don’t have any extra irritation getting through it.

The men I make will always have a overbearing mommy and now you know why. IMG_0674

Sweet Tea Waterfall

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. The way you view something can totally change the way you react. If you let all the little things in life get to you, all the messes, mistakes, and petty crap you’ll end up with high blood pressure and a never ending headache. Tonight my daughter attempted to get herself some sweet tea while her mommy was busy giving her baby sister a bath. And I would like to say she made the prettiest sweet tea waterfall I’ve ever seen. It started on the kitchen table and went down all 4 sides of the table, then four more pretty waterfalls went down to the floor from the chairs! It was a brand new FULL pitcher of sweet tea so it was fully flowing… Bless her heart.  Don’t you love it when they get to that independent stage? I know I sure do.

Everybody’s husband

I have three sons, but two are from a prior relationship and they are much older than my other kiddos. Although there is a eight year age gap our twins love to play and hangout with their little brother. This being said, some weekends our twins go visit with their dad and on those weekends my heart aches for our youngest because he is left here with three sisters….

Ava: No, he’s my husband and he’s the King and I’m the Queen.
Mia: No, he’s my boyfriend and we are the rulers of all the vampires.
Ava: No! I said it first!
Rhett: No, I’m everybody’s husband. 2.

Resorting to Polygamy wasn’t the way I thought this was going to go.

Mia’s word of the day

Every mother loves to hear their children talk. They love to hear what their child is thinking and how they interpret life. Mia is three years old and although we are Christians sometimes mommy cusses. I’ll admit it. I know hypocrite, right… no I’m just not prefect and sometimes I have little slips.  Mia wants to Cheer after her dance season is over. Her dance season is over tomorrow. Well she asked to join a Christian based Cheerleading Squad. Sometimes Mia cusses because like I said earlier sometimes her mommy cusses. I have let a couple words slip in front of her and she reminded me of this today while watching a home makeover tv show. Mia looks at me and says, “Mommy, that’s pretty. That’s damn pretty.” I said, “Mia you can’t say that word.” She then says, “What word, damn? Oh I know because it’s an ugly word.” I said, “Mia, stop saying it!” She said, “Saying what? Damn?” At my wits end I yell, “YES! And if you say it again you’re going to be in big trouble!!! She replies with a gezzzz mommy calm down. I’m not sure the Christian based Cheerleading squad is going to allow my child to cheer with them.